Student/New Nurses

  • Bullying in the Workplace: Solutions for Nursing Practice

    Hectic and stressful environments can contribute to volatile situations, flaring tempers, and unbearable conditions. This course helps nurses learn to use strategies to alleviate these circumstances such as how to hold critical conversations and prevent disruptive and harmful behaviors. Nurses can create safe environments where crucial and difficult conversations can take place.

    Price: US $32.00 | CNE Hours: 2.60 | Course Number : BIW01

  • Disaster Preparedness and Response

    Natural and human-shaped disasters are an unfortunate reality, but there are steps you can take to better prepare for them and assist in disaster relief efforts. This course presents an overview of a nurse’s role in planning for and responding to a mass casualty incident and includes information on how you and your family can better prepare for disasters.

    Price: US $12.00 | CNE Hours: 2.50 | Course Number : SP0006

  • Technology Integration in Research

    Researchers have quickly embraced technology for data analysis but lack the skills to use it in improving the research process. This course will give nurses and nurse researchers the methods for using technology for research interventions as well as device use for data collection. Increasing nurses’ knowledge of the theory and strategy behind technology integration will help them better utilize the available technologies to create and implement improved, more efficient research.

    Price: US $15.21 | CNE Hours: 1.20 | Course Number : TIIR01

  • CONV17: The Values That Transcend Change

    In this plenary presentation from the 44th Biennial Convention, Drs. Madigan and Thompson review how personal and professional core values impact how we deal with change, and how they direct our behavior when faced with change.

    Price: US $15.00 | CNE Hours: 1.20 | Course Number : CONV17C

  • CONV17: Life is Fragile: The Science of Injury, Violence, and Recover

    Injury and violence are a global public health priority. This plenary presentation from the 44th Biennial Convention focuses on improving outcomes after injury by better understanding the complex interaction between physical injury and post-injury psychological responses and in reducing violence and its consequences to individuals, families, and communities.

    Price: US $15.63 | CNE Hours: 1.25 | Course Number : CONV17B

  • CONV17: Influence to Advance Global Health and Nursing

    In this opening plenary from the 44th Biennial Convention, details are shared on the progress of the organization and feedback on the state of the society in general. Attention is given to initiatives that are supporting the call to action as we celebrate achievements of members, chapters and the organization.

    Price: US $16.25 | CNE Hours: 1.20 | Course Number : CONV17A

  • Health Literacy Fundamentals for Nurses

    Using the nursing process as a framework, this course focuses on helping participants use health literacy standards to assess health literacy levels, diagnose or recognize clients with low and extremely low health literacy, plan and implement appropriate patient education techniques, and evaluate patient teaching.

    Price: US $25.00 | CNE Hours: 2.00 | Course Number : LIT001

  • Healthcare Ethics Certificate Program

    This program examines key ethical issues, terms, concepts, and ideas that can become an everyday part of nursing practice. Reflective and guided exercises focused on personal philosophy, values, and working through ethical issues to help clarify when an ethical dilemma exists, what ethical issues are involved, and how an ethical position can be explained to others. The voice of the ethics-articulate nurse in collaboration with other health care providers is key to creating an ethically responsible nurse-patient relationship, unit team, or organization. The program includes a pre- and post-assessment and seven interactive courses. 
    The professional certificate is not a license and does not convey certification, certified status or credentialing, but is recognition of accomplishments in a specialized area of practice.

    Price: US $295.50 | CNE Hours: 39.40 | Course Number : ETHICSprogram

  • Ethical Dilemmas

    Balancing the right to healthcare treatment and individual rights in the context of professional moral and ethical practices is a difficult dilemma. This course aims to assist you to by providing a brief overview of the context, nature and processes of ethical dilemmas, its associated terms, concepts, theories and processes. Understanding the basic concepts that apply to this field, including the underpinning ethical principles of healthcare practice, will enable the practitioner to more easily recognize an ethical dilemma.

    Price: US $52.80 | CNE Hours: 6.60 | Course Number : ETHICS02

  • Ethical Principles

    This course describes the role of emotion in moral/ethical responses to provide a background for studying the bioethical principles. Scenarios from everyday life and clinical settings will be used to demonstrate the use of the bioethical principle framework inclusive of autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence and justice; and the interface of the framework with moral rules specifically veracity, confidentiality, privacy, informed consent, and fidelity.

    Price: US $57.60 | CNE Hours: 7.20 | Course Number : ETHICS04

  • Ethical Issues

    Although initially an area associated with a distinct disciplinary study, such as philosophy, the subject of ethics is increasingly becoming everybody’s business. Increasing life expectancy with existent co-morbidities renders end-of-life care for older people much more complex and challenging. Within this, and many other contexts, ethical issues arise, as healthcare workers struggle to identify the best course of action within the context of differing and perhaps conflicting options. This course will address the issues of end-of-life life, research ethics, and public health ethics.

    Price: US $60.80 | CNE Hours: 7.60 | Course Number : ETHICS03

  • Practical Ethics in the Health Care Setting

    This course will address common barriers encountered in professional ethical practice. These barriers to resolving ethical dilemmas are categorized as to how they relate to nursing, interprofessional collaboration, patient/provider relationships and organizational structure. Two ethical decision models on how to resolve clinical ethical dilemmas will be explored: ADPIE and the Four Topics Method. These models will help to identify the best course of action to resolve an ethical dilemma.

    Price: US $25.60 | CNE Hours: 3.20 | Course Number : ETHICS07

  • Professional Ethics

    Nurses in all roles and settings are responsible and accountable for upholding the professional values of the profession. Individual integrity is the starting point for professional integrity. When integrity is threatened moral distress can ensue. In this course, moral distress will be defined, and its prevalence, sources and consequences will be identified. Strategies for supporting personal and professional integrity and creating an ethical practice environment will also be discussed.

    Price: US $25.60 | CNE Hours: 3.20 | Course Number : ETHICS05

  • Nursing Codes of Ethical Behaviors

    Healthcare professionals are mandated to protect and uphold all standards of healthcare practice. This course begins by exploring professional position statements in an organization and continues with a pragmatic discussion of the practical considerations a clinician may encounter when dealing with individual, context-specific, and ethical challenges.

    Price: US $57.60 | CNE Hours: 7.20 | Course Number : ETHICS06

  • Henderson Repository CNE Collection: Maternal-Infant Microbiomes

    Research regarding maternal-infant microbiomes may help give babies a healthier start in life (Vagina Microbiome Consortium, 2016). The November 2017 issue of the Henderson Repository CNE Collection, provides evidence regarding Maternal-Infant Microbiomes. This collection highlights four aspects of microbiome research including maternal chronic stressors, environmental exposures, cervical microbiome, and preterm infant pain/stress neurodevelopment and gut microbiome diversity.

    Price: US $0.00 | CNE Hours: 1.20 | Course Number : REP002

  • Reducing Agitation in Elders With Dementia

    The purpose of this course is to provide nurses with the knowledge on how to decrease and/or prevent the frequency and severity of agitated episodes in elders who are diagnosed with dementia.

    Price: US $0.00 | CNE Hours: 1.50 | Course Number : GNLA001

  • Tips for Successful Publishing From Editors

    Publishing in a peer-reviewed journal can give you more recognition and opportunities for advancement. But do you know how to do it? How do you write and submit a manuscript? Which journal should you submit to? This course will provide practical tips to get your work published. Content will cover selecting the right journal, suggestions for a brief letter to the editor, steps for manuscript construction, and tips if asked to revise content. 

    Price: US $33.75 | CNE Hours: 2.70 | Course Number : EDIT01

  • Coaching in Nursing

    As you pursue your career goals and consider your coaching journey, this course is an outstanding tool to have at your fingertips. Coaching is useful for personal and professional development in a variety of areas and at all career levels. Whether you are looking for a coach or looking to become a coach, this course will provide skills and knowledge to assist you. The course will facilitate collaboration and communication, encourage professional development, and improve retention and career satisfaction.

    Price: US $0.00 | CNE Hours: 1.30 | Course Number : COACH1

  • Community Health Nursing

    Community health nursing combines public health sciences and nursing theories to improve and sustain the health of populations in communities. This course provides an overview of community health nursing history, poverty, sustainability, and the health care needs of developing countries.

    Price: US $25.00 | CNE Hours: 2.00 | Course Number : NNP008

  • Leading and Serving on a Medical Mission Team

    The purpose of this course is to introduce you to medical mission work and share tips and resources to enable you to create a personally satisfying and mutually beneficial medical mission work experience. This course covers trip planning and logistics, dealing with culture shock, necessary skills and qualities of team members and leaders, cultural awareness, how to select a mission team and how to navigate customs and pack medicines and other supplies. Also included is information on budgets and sample trip checklists and reports are given.

    Price: US $18.75 | CNE Hours: 1.50 | Course Number : NNP007

  • Social Media for Health Care Providers

    This course will teach practicing nurses to effectively and professionally use social media tools to educate, advocate, collaborate, and communicate. Part of the Surviving Your First Years as a Nurse Program.

    Price: US $55.00 | CNE Hours: 5.80 | Course Number : SYFY06

  • Incivility in Healthcare: Understanding Disruptive Colleagues

    This course will discuss some of the more common types of disruptive behavior you may experience in your work place. You will also learn why such conduct occurs from a scientific standpoint. Knowing the reason why some people behave this way builds the foundation for the final portion of the course, where you will be given information about how to effectively manage disruptive behavior in a positive and empowering way. Part of the Surviving Your First Years as a Nurse Program.

    Price: US $47.50 | CNE Hours: 3.80 | Course Number : SYFY05

  • Advancing Your Nursing Career

    This course is applicable to nurses who are new to the profession. The course will offer suggestions on how the new nurse can enhance career and role development. Desired leadership competencies for new nurses related to professional nursing practice will also be covered. Additional topics to be explored include advancing nursing education, career enrichment, and progression. Part of the Surviving Your First Years as a Nurse Program.

    Price: US $42.95 | CNE Hours: 3.40 | Course Number : SYFY04

  • Dealing With Difficult Patients and Families

    Nurses confront difficult people in every aspect of their working life. Understanding the nurse’s own response to difficult people provides the basis for effectively dealing with the diverse personality types faced on a daily basis. In health care, the challenges come not only from patients, but from families. This course gives information on the fundamental reasons why patients seem difficult to work with, why families may be acting difficult, and provides a series of effective strategies. Part of the Surviving Your First Years as a Nurse Program.

    Price: US $21.95 | CNE Hours: 3.50 | Course Number : SYFY03

  • Legal Risks as a Nurse

    This course will enhance your understanding of legal aspects of everyday nursing and help you to increase your ability to recognize and avoid the legal risks involved in nursing practice. Part of the Surviving Your First Years as a Nurse Program.

    Price: US $69.95 | CNE Hours: 5.70 | Course Number : SYFY02

  • Transitioning from Student to Professional Nurse

    This course is designed to prepare newly graduated nurses to successfully find their first nursing job, assimilate into the profession and work environment, and thrive in the first years of practice and beyond. Part of the Surviving Your First Years as a Nurse Program.

    Price: US $39.95 | CNE Hours: 3.00 | Course Number : SYFY01

  • Surviving Your First Years as a Nurse Program (6 courses)

    The 2016 version of this program adds new content to the existing courses in the program and includes new courses on issues relevant to today's nurse.

    This program serves as a guide with practical tips and techniques which are not normally taught in nursing school. It focuses on successfully making the transition from student to professional nurse, minimizing legal risks, social media in health care, and other aspects of nursing which occur at and away from the bedside.

    Price: US $169.00 | CNE Hours: 29.90 | Course Number : SYFYprogram

  • Professional Practice

    This course will address professional development and provide recommendations for improving nursing specialty certification rates at your organization. Additionally, this course will define and delve into the different aspects of professional practice models.

    Price: US $40.00 | CNE Hours: 3.20 | Course Number : LEAD07

  • Complementary Health Approaches

    There is no doubt that conventional, or Western, medicine is useful for diagnosing, treating, and curing specific diseases. Conventional medicine, as we know it, has historically been focused on combating disease with the use of medication and/or surgery. Yet, by focusing solely on the treatment and cure of disease, conventional medicine excludes the many effective uses of complementary health approaches. This course examines the benefits of complementary health approaches and how nurses can use these modalities to enhance health and well-being.

    Price: US $57.00 | CNE Hours: 6.00 | Course Number : COM001

  • Exploring a Global Paradigm Shift

    This course provides information on the global paradigm shift (GPS) and describes the elements of current health, healthcare providers, and healthcare systems needing a paradigm shift. It provides an overview of the process of transforming personal, inter-professional, organizational, and systems paradigm shifts in thinking, feeling, and behaving: from treating or curing diseases to elevating health levels so the disease could not exist. This course will teach practicing nurses to effectively and professionally use social media tools to educate, advocate, collaborate, and communicate.

    Price: US $117.00 | CNE Hours: 15.60 | Course Number : GPS01

  • Emergency Nursing: Understanding the Profession

    What is emergency nursing? This course addresses this question and explores the profession through topics like unique roles for emergency nurses, key players in the emergency department, challenges faced, and more.

    Price: US $50.00 | CNE Hours: 5.30 | Course Number : EM001

  • Preparing a Professional Presentation

    Whether it is a presentation to a hospital board or speaking at a conference, nurses have many opportunities to present their data and experiences. Presenting that information professionally can be difficult. This engaging course addresses how to speak in a professional setting and how to avoid "The 7 Deadly Sins of Public Speaking."

    Price: US $21.25 | CNE Hours: 1.70 | Course Number : PROF02

  • Professional Appearance and Behavior

    Nurses are often involved with engagements that take them away from the bedside. From interdisciplinary teams to business meetings, it has become common-place for nurses to participate in settings where making a professional impression is important. This course provides practical information on dressing appropriately, making introductions, and networking successfully at conferences and other business settings.

    Price: US $12.00 | CNE Hours: 0.90 | Course Number : PROF01

  • Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Education: Evidentiary Examinations on Adults

    The Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Program was developed to provide medical personnel with knowledge specific to the sexual abuse examinations for the collection of evidence and identification of injury that may have been sustained. The participant will learn to conduct and complete the evidentiary examination on adults. 

    Price: US $375.00 | CNE Hours: 43.80 | Course Number : SAFEprogram

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